Below you'll find details on how to set up Focuspocus for your project, along with details for additional settings available.

Sign Up

Focuspocus's sign up process is extremely quick and easy. Focuspocus only requires an email address and a password to get started!

Click on the 'Sign Up' button seen in the navigation above. This will take you to Focuspocus's sign up page. Enter your primary email address along with a password (at least 8 characters long). Click on the 'Sign Up' button. And that's it! You should now be redirected to your Dashboard.

Creating A Target

Focuspocus allows your forms to submit to a specific email address. This email address is referred to as a target.

To create a new target, ensure you are on the Focuspocus dashboard by logging in and clicking the 'Dashboard' link from the site navigation. On the dashboard you should see a button prompting you to create a new target. Go ahead and click this button.You should now be on the 'New Target' page. Here you can enter the email address where you want your form's submissions to go along with the URL where the form users will be redirected to once they submit a form. Click the 'Target is Ready' button to finalize and create your target.

You should now be redirected back to your dashboard and see your newly created target.

Validate A Target

In order to use Focuspocus, a target must be 'validated'. This is to ensure that you do, in fact, have ownership or control over the target's email address.

By default, a target's status is 'pending'. Once a target is created, an email is sent to the target's email address. This email contains a link that when clicked, will confirm your ownership or control, and change the target's status to 'validated'.

Setting Up A Form

Once you have validated a target you can connect your form to Focuspocus! To do this, your form must be modified to contain a few key requirements.

First, ensure all inputs and text-areas have their name attributes set. Second, ensure your form's method attribute is set to POST. And third, set your form's action attribute to where '(target-email)' is a validated target's email address.

For those who prefer to not have their email address visible in the HTML, the target's token can be used instead like so Target tokens can be found under each target's details on the dashboard.

Note: the www part of the URL is extremely important. It won't work without it!

Accepting Attachments

Focuspocus also allows you to accept attachments from your forms. This does, however, require a couple small changes to your current form.

First, add a new input field to your form and ensure that it its type is set to file, and its name set to attachment. You should also add a label element for the attachment input field.

An additional attribute is required for the form to accept attachments. Add enctype="multipart/form-data" to the opening form tag.

This is what a sample form accepting a name and attachment may look like:

<form action="" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">
  <label for="fullNname">Filename:</label>
  <input type="text" name="Full Name" id="fullName">
  <label for="attachment">Filename:</label>
  <input type="file" name="attachment" id="attachment"/>
  <input type="submit" value="Send">