form processing magic for front-end wizards

Setting up form submissions is difficult and annoying. Focuspocus allows you to focus on building your forms, while it handles the submissions itself. Emails are delivered to your mailbox within seconds, formatted beautifully. All you have to do, is change one line of code. No JavaScript. No PHP. Works with any type of site!


Step One

Sign up and create your first target from the dashboard. A target is an email address you want a form to send data to.

Step Two

Click the 'validate' button in the email you just received. This is to prove that you own this email address.

Step Three

Create your form using plain ol' HTML and set the action and method attributes as shown in the example below.

Sample Code
<form action="" 
method="POST"> <input type="email" name="email"> <textarea name="comments"></textarea> <input type="submit" value="Submit"> </form>

Step Four

That's it! Focuspocus is now ready to process your form!

Pricing Options

Questions? Answers.

Who is Focuspocus for?

Focuspocus is for anyone capable of building websites. This includes developers, designers, tinkerers, and students.

Is Focuspocus compatible with my hosting solution?

If your project supports HTML, then Focuspocus will work perfectly for you!

What new features are being worked on?

I'm in the process of building various email templates, the ability to create custom routings, and validation fields.

What about privacy?

Focuspocus respects your privacy and doesn't store any emails. It only processes them and sends them to the appropriate destination.